Dragon, Condor, and (Platypus) 3: Tending the Fire Within


Where: Clay Pit Pond Park, Staten Island When: April 19, 11am-4pm Dragon, Condor, and (Platypus) is where Tom Delacy, Stephe Watson, and I get together in the springtime to share stuff from Chinese martial arts, indigenous shamanic practices, and things that defy categorization. This year we bring it to beautiful Clay Pit Pond Park in Staten Island. (You won’t believe this gem exists within the confines of NYC!) “Tending the Fire Within” : How do we access the internal resources to meet the challenges of our lives with compassion, courage, and authenticity? How can we live fully and honestly and passionately?… Read More

Throw Back Thursday: Rick Barrett’s Amrita video from the 90s

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.53.57 AM

Week two of our Youtube transition! Today I’m bringing back the hour-long instructional meditation video that Rick produced a couple of decades ago. We originally had this on VHS, and they sold like hotcakes, so a few years back RB transferred it over to the digital age. Now it’s here for your viewing pleasure and to help guide you through a daily meditative practice!  

Revisit some of our archived videos each week!


Hello everyone! Micaela speaking. Rick and I have been talking a lot about Youtube lately. When they merged with Google a while back it left us with a split personality, one channel called Rick Barrett and the other called Taichialchemy. We’ve been updating the RB account but not the TCA one, and starting today is a campaign to re-release all of our videos on one channel! We figured this would be a great opportunity to join in the fun of Throw Back Thursday (#TBT), a popular weekly meme for those prone to a side of nostalgia with their social media. Starting… Read More

Kirtan Rabbi Soars at CD Release Party

"Dangerous" Andrew Hahn ("The Kirtan Rabbi") demonstrates San Ti Shou by a stream in Sedona

My good friend and fellow Alchemist Andrew Hahn, a.k.a. “The Kirtan Rabbi”, celebrated the release of his new CD “Non-Dual” with a killer show at the Integral Yoga Institute on 13th Street last night. He ditched his trusty harmonium for the performance (and the CD) in favor of an intoxicating guitar-based sound that alternated between quiet meditation and exuberant celebration. The new form gives wings to Andrew’s irrepressible passion and exhilaration. Kirtan is explained on The Kirtan Rabbi website: Kirtan (also known as Bhajan) is a form of chant developed in India to heighten participation, communal feeling and ecstatic communion with the… Read More

Big Change! Getting More From Your Kua

Fukui Yang in Bagua posture

Understanding the kua is essential to internal gongfu. It’s what connects the legs to the torso physically and energetically. I devoted a chapter to it in Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate:            The pivotal point for the nine-channeled pearl is the hip area, known as the kua. It is more than the ball-and-socket hip joint, taking in the whole area, centering at the inguinal crease. It includes the relationship between the thigh and the torso.             The kua includes some of the strongest muscles in the body. It is the area that we use when we… Read More