Interview with Creative Consciousness Radio and Overtone Singing in CT

Rick performs overtone singing at Gaia's Lament

Two things happened last week that I’d like to share: Interview on Creative Consciousness Radio with Sam and Cabrini Greco, and overtone chanting at a poetry reading at the “Gaia’s Lament: Art Cry!” in New London, CT. First the interview. I was contacted by Sam and Cabrini to go on their web-based program and we did it live last Tuesday (Bastille Day! “Liberte. Eagalite. Fraternite.”) It was an honor as well as a real joy. Sam and Cabrini are on a mission to give voice to those on a spiritual path who are working to make a difference in people’s… Read More

Dr. Rhodes on SCS Conference; “Gaia’s Lament”

Renee with her prize winning sculpture

Dr. Renee Rhodes, clinical psychologist/ sculptor  extraordinaire, sent the following email to me in response to the recent posts about the SCS Conference at Yale:   Great Blog. Tells the story nicely, but hard to capture the shift in the room… That shift I felt within my being of everyone in the room becoming still… out of their heads and into the phenomenologically Felt Sense of embodiment and experience. They got what you were saying about experiencing the self and other. You did with the room what you were teaching!!!!!!! It was brilliant and hard to describe. You had to… Read More

RB @ SCS (part 2)


I was excited to present this stuff to the Society for Consciousness Studies Conference at Yale. For many of you, this is what I have been saying and writing about for years, but it’s brand new to a non-martial artist group like this. Most of the presentations were Power Point lectures on rarified topics, delivered from an academic perspective. What I wanted to do was to show how shifting states of consciousness in real time affects the physicality of those involved. I needed some demonstrations that were big enough to be obvious to the audience. In Finding You in a… Read More

Rick and Jonathan Rock the SCS Conference at Yale

JB and RB at book signing

The Society for Consciousness Studies is a professional scholarly organization that honors quality in all authentic scholarly and practicing traditions. It also celebrates the many dimensions of the liberal arts that are embraced and enriched by the study of consciousness. This conference is sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in cooperation with The Graduate Institute of CT and Yale University. I cribbed the above from their website. It says it all. Except the part where my good friend Jonathan Bricklin and I were invited to present to this impressive group. It is organized by the wonderful Allan… Read More

Throw Back Thursday: Maria Barrett on Holding Space


This week it’s Maria in the #TBT spotlight. Here is a clip of her demonstration from the 2013 Scholars’ Garden event. We’re all-a-twitter about the 11th annual iteration of said retreat this Sunday. Find out more about the lineup here, and register now if you plan to attend. This is part of an ongoing campaign so if you’ve missed the previous #TBT posts, catch up here. Enjoy, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel!