Three Things We Learned in Class 12/10/14

RB in Diagonal Flying

1. This week we explored the “Diagonal Flying” posture and how to maintain your root and coherence throughout. Of course, the basic principles are the same as in every posture, but Diagonal Flying presents some unique challenges. First of all, it is about as wide open as it gets in William C. C. Chen’s 60 Movements. The power is issued from an extended right arm that is reaching like a backhand in tennis. I love this move in push hands because no one expects that much power and lift from an outstretched arm. And for good reason, if you try… Read More

Three Things We Learned in Class

Right leg is substantial

We examined the “Turn and Strike with Fingers” move from Master Chen’s 60 Movements on Wednesday and isolated some universal principles. So much of what we do gets put on automatic after a while and it isn’t until you shine a bright light on it that you become conscious of what is really going on. Oftentimes a pattern gets established in a half understood way, then decades later it has calcified into a rigid belief. So we test every movement, and every movement within the movement. Here’s what we came up with this week: 1. Which is the “substantial” leg?… Read More

Three Things We Learned in this Week’s Class

Stan Wards off Dennis and Charles

1. The quickest, most dependable (and maybe the only) way to access true internal power is by meeting with your whole being. Sometimes it happens by surprise, in an emergency, say, or when all the chips are on the table and you have to put up or shut up. Some people put themselves in dangerous situations just to feel “more alive.” We’ve been exploring a kinder, gentler approach to getting to that place, and the results have been pretty spectacular. Here 69 year old Stan Kedzierski demonstrates the power of meeting two much larger classmates. (Notice that he has no… Read More


Patrick and RB

As I enter the middle years of my seventh decade I draw inspiration from those who embrace this time with joy and playfulness. The apotheosis of this might be my friend, Patrick Deluz. I have known Patrick for forty years (I can’t believe I just wrote that) and we’ve shared numerous adventures. He inspired me to “get serious” about this t’ai chi stuff thirty years ago and I haven’t looked back. Patrick designs hoops with LED lighting for the passionate hooping community and is known to them as “Merlin.”  He gave a rousing demonstration of hoopiness at TCA. Check out… Read More

Three Things We Learned in this Week’s Class

RB Sunset

Here are a few things that popped up in Wednesday’s class: 1. Get your energy more coherent and full. No…really. These words are hardly new to anyone who has been around me for the past ten years. But they aren’t just words. You want to establish a base line of high coherence as your default setting by pointing and reaching with your index fingers hundreds of times a day. (It only takes a second or two.) Then, when you need that little bit extra, it’s real easy to access it. You want your qi like the water in a garden… Read More