Rick Barrett teaches t’ai chi ch’uan, ch’i gung, xingyiquan, and push hands in NYC and in seminars all over the country. Rick has benefitted greatly from the generosity of many wonderful teachers for the twenty-plus years he has been studying and teaching. He learned t'ai chi ch'uan from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. From Master Fukui Yang he learned xingyiquan, yiquan, and luoxuanzhang. John Beaulieu has been his primary influence in energy healing, studying intensively with him for several years.

Under the umbrella of Polarity Therapy, he integrates craniosacral balancing, myofascial restructuring, Biosonic Repatterning, and integral life mentoring. The internal martial arts support his healing practice and vice versa.

"My passion is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness (personal and global) on this planet in whatever way I can. I try to empower all individuals who seek my assistance to better help themselves through body/mind/spirit integration. Each student and each client has his/her own unique assets and needs which must be recognized to fully engage the next step of their own personal journey."




Scientific and Medical Network Reviews Finding You in a World of It

Finding You in a World of It just received a very positive review from England’s Network Review, the Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network. This is a organization of cutting edge thinkers that includes the likes of Rupert Sheldrake, Ervin Laszlo, Lawrence LeShan, Karl Pribram, and astronaut Edgar Mitchell. It is an honor to be considered by this visionary group. Here is the review from the current issue. Light-hearted Wisdom David Lorimer FINDING YOU IN A WORLD OF IT Living Matrix Publications, 2014, 175 pp., $16.99 p/b –ISBN 978-0-9960-58858 Years ago in Cambridge, a friend gave me a copy… Read More

Throw Back Thursday: Revisit some of our archived videos each week!

Hello everyone! Micaela speaking. Rick and I have been talking a lot about Youtube lately. When they merged with Google a while back it left us with a split personality, one channel called Rick Barrett and the other called Taichialchemy. We’ve been updating the RB account but not the TCA one, and starting today is a campaign to re-release all of our videos on one channel! We figured this would be a great opportunity to join in the fun of Throw Back Thursday (#TBT), a popular weekly meme for those prone to a side of nostalgia with their social media. Starting… Read More

New! Finding You in a World of It by Rick Barrett

This is really exciting, people! You know that book I’ve been working on for a couple of years now?  Well…it’s is out and available on Amazon! I’ll get my first load of the little darlings by next weekend (Just in time for the sold out Dr. Renee Rhodes’ Forest Summit in Killingworth, CT next Saturday). If you want an autographed copy, you can order directly from me at info@rickbarrett.net ($20 includes postage.) Or get one on Amazon and I’ll sign it when next I see you.   finding You in a world of It is big. It breaks down the… Read More

Love or Fear in the Huffington Post

The recent Love or Fear seminar at the New York Open Center was a terrific success.  It was a packed room and unfortunately some people had to be turned away.  We squeezed in as many as we could and the NYOC wants to schedule another one in Feb or Mar.  I’ll keep you posted. Many thanks to all of you who helped make it happen. Your enthusiastic word of mouth provides the energy that makes it special. The material in this particular series is so rich that it comes out quite new and fresh each time. We were fortunate to… Read More