Wednesday Evenings
6:30--7:30: Luoxuanzhang
7:30-8:30 T'ai Chi Chuan
8:30-9:30 Ch’i Kung/Push Hands
Staten Island Jundokan/Kouketsu Dojo at 278 Lincoln Ave. (off Hylan Ave. near Midland Ave.)
One class: $20
Full day (2-4 classes): $25
Monthly Rates:
Form Class only $60
Form/ Chi Kung/ Push Hands $80
Form/ Chi Kung/ Push Hands/Luoxuanzhang $100

Three Things We Learned in Class

We examined the “Turn and Strike with Fingers” move from Master Chen’s 60 Movements on Wednesday and isolated some universal principles. So much of what we do gets put on automatic after a while and it isn’t until you shine a bright light on it that you become conscious of what is really going on. Oftentimes a pattern gets established in a half understood way, then decades later it has calcified into a rigid belief. So we test every movement, and every movement within the movement. Here’s what we came up with this week: 1. Which is the “substantial” leg?… Read More

Three Things We Learned in this Week’s Class

1. The quickest, most dependable (and maybe the only) way to access true internal power is by meeting with your whole being. Sometimes it happens by surprise, in an emergency, say, or when all the chips are on the table and you have to put up or shut up. Some people put themselves in dangerous situations just to feel “more alive.” We’ve been exploring a kinder, gentler approach to getting to that place, and the results have been pretty spectacular. Here 69 year old Stan Kedzierski demonstrates the power of meeting two much larger classmates. (Notice that he has no… Read More

Three Things We Learned in this Week’s Class

Here are a few things that popped up in Wednesday’s class: 1. Get your energy more coherent and full. No…really. These words are hardly new to anyone who has been around me for the past ten years. But they aren’t just words. You want to establish a base line of high coherence as your default setting by pointing and reaching with your index fingers hundreds of times a day. (It only takes a second or two.) Then, when you need that little bit extra, it’s real easy to access it. You want your qi like the water in a garden… Read More

Taijiquan at the NY Open Center

Q: How many taijiquan practitioners does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Just one. But we do it a little differently in our school. I have been teaching taijiquan for a quarter of a century now, and I emphasize different aspects than other teachers. Comes with the turf. My primary interest, though, is finding the universal principles that underlie all styles that make even apparent opposites effective. And a big part of that is in identifying what you are actually trying to accomplish with a particular posture or movement. Once you get that, you can see how… Read More

A Little Wednesday Night Alchemy

Some serious alchemy is happening in Staten Island every Wednesday evening and it’s the best-kept secret around. This week Dennis took some inspiration from the last blogpost I wrote, Meeting Bones at TCA, and came up with an exercise for meeting the bones of your own body. This connects you up in a much deeper way. To this Maria added an exercise she learned in her Polarity training where you trace the skeleton of your partner from a distance, like you are drawing a stick figure. (It was originally taught by John Upleger, the craniosacral guru.) It had the effect… Read More