Upcoming Events:

April 23, 2017: Peaceful Wolf Spring Workshop "We've Got it Backwards"

Peaceful Wolf T'ai Chi Ch'uan, 85 Tater Hill Road Road, East Haddam, CT 06423, 10-12:30, 2-4:30 - How we get in our own way, and how to change that.


June 3, 2017: Society for Consciousness Studies Conference - Rick is one of the Plenary Speakers!
The Society for Consciousness Studies New Haven, CT
Information on their site; click here.


June 10-11, 2017: Healing Garden/Scholar's Garden

Someday Farm, 272 Roast Meat Hill Road, Killingworth, CT 06419
10-12:30, 2-4:30 - Healing on Saturday, Martial Arts on Sunday,
featuring Stephe Watson, Rick Barrett, Andrew Hahn, Maria Barrett et al, having fun and expanding awareness at this yearly event.  https://squareup.com/store/someday-farm-llc/


July 21-23, 2017: Yang Cheng Fu's 13 Original Postures

Eastover Estate & Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240
Weekend immersion in this short form, with base in the "Three Pillars" taught by Rick.



June 6, 2017: NY Open Center - Free Intro 8-9 PM
July 11th - Start of 4 week class - 6-7:30 weekly
Tai Chi Alchemy: Meeting the Mystery

New York Open Center, 22 East 30th Street, New York, NY 10016
More information to follow once OC catalog gets updated.


Sep 15-17, 2017:  23rd Annual TCA in Sedona, AZ!

Mago Garden in Sedona, AZ -- Our yearly gathering of skill, wisdom, and community. Early Bird Pricing currently available.

Song Kua Seminar at Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi

A week ago I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a seminar at Peaceful Wolf Tai Chi  in East Haddam, CT, hosted by my good friend, Sifu David Shaver. David is an 81 year old testimonial to the power of the internal martial arts to keep you youthful and active. He has been an actor and a rodeo bull rider, among other professions, and now focuses on teaching taijiquan and other martial arts in his beautiful studio (built by David and his students and modeled after the Zhang San Feng Hall at the T’ai Chi Farm). As I mentioned in… Read More

Sunday Song Kua Seminar at Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi

There is still time to register for my seminar this Sunday at Peaceful Wolf T’ai Chi in East Haddam, CT, hosted by my good friend, Sifu David Shaver. The main theme is Song Kwa: Awakening from the Trance, and I’m really excited about this stuff. It’s the biggest thing I’ve come up with since Energetic Coherence. Come prepared for some big surprises. Here’s what David wrote about it: Subject: Rick Barrett Workshop Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I announce this year’s workshop with Rick Barrett: Song Kwa: Awakening from the Trance. Once again Rick brings us another break… Read More

21st Annual Tai Chi Alchemy. Part 2

What an incredible weekend! We soared so high, it has taken me a couple of weeks to come down enough to write about it. So much of the really important stuff that happens at TCA is too insubstantial to put into words. Things like that blaze of light when a total stranger gives you a hug that melts you to the core of your being…or when you realize that qi is not just something that you read in a book, but is something you can feel and use…or when you find in yourself that person that you always hoped you… Read More

Interview with Creative Consciousness Radio and Overtone Singing in CT

Two things happened last week that I’d like to share: Interview on Creative Consciousness Radio with Sam and Cabrini Greco, and overtone chanting at a poetry reading at the “Gaia’s Lament: Art Cry!” in New London, CT. First the interview. I was contacted by Sam and Cabrini to go on their web-based program and we did it live last Tuesday (Bastille Day! “Liberte. Eagalite. Fraternite.”) It was an honor as well as a real joy. Sam and Cabrini are on a mission to give voice to those on a spiritual path who are working to make a difference in people’s… Read More

Dr. Rhodes on SCS Conference; “Gaia’s Lament”

Dr. Renee Rhodes, clinical psychologist/ sculptor  extraordinaire, sent the following email to me in response to the recent posts about the SCS Conference at Yale:   Great Blog. Tells the story nicely, but hard to capture the shift in the room… That shift I felt within my being of everyone in the room becoming still… out of their heads and into the phenomenologically Felt Sense of embodiment and experience. They got what you were saying about experiencing the self and other. You did with the room what you were teaching!!!!!!! It was brilliant and hard to describe. You had to… Read More