Throw Back Thursday: Rick Barrett demonstrates Roll Away Applications

This week we highlight a clip that Rick made with one of his most advanced students, Denis. Even facing a seemingly big and imposing guy like Denis (who is really a sweetheart but don’t tell anyone), the use of a simple move like Roll Away can mitigate oncoming force without disrupting your own balance. This is part of an ongoing campaign so if you’ve missed the previous #TBT posts, catch up here. Enjoy, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel!  

Throw Back Thursday: Rick Barrett’s Amrita video from the 90s

Week two of our Youtube transition! Today I’m bringing back the hour-long instructional meditation video that Rick produced a couple of decades ago. We originally had this on VHS, and they sold like hotcakes, so a few years back RB transferred it over to the digital age. Now it’s here for your viewing pleasure and to help guide you through a daily meditative practice!   This is part of an ongoing campaign so if you’ve missed the previous #TBT posts, catch up here. Enjoy, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel!  

Three Things We Learned in Class

We examined the “Turn and Strike with Fingers” move from Master Chen’s 60 Movements on Wednesday and isolated some universal principles. So much of what we do gets put on automatic after a while and it isn’t until you shine a bright light on it that you become conscious of what is really going on. Oftentimes a pattern gets established in a half understood way, then decades later it has calcified into a rigid belief. So we test every movement, and every movement within the movement. Here’s what we came up with this week: 1. Which is the “substantial” leg?… Read More

A Little Wednesday Night Alchemy

Some serious alchemy is happening in Staten Island every Wednesday evening and it’s the best-kept secret around. This week Dennis took some inspiration from the last blogpost I wrote, Meeting Bones at TCA, and came up with an exercise for meeting the bones of your own body. This connects you up in a much deeper way. To this Maria added an exercise she learned in her Polarity training where you trace the skeleton of your partner from a distance, like you are drawing a stick figure. (It was originally taught by John Upleger, the craniosacral guru.) It had the effect… Read More

Power From Polarity

All energy is created by holding poles in opposition. If you want your internal arts practice to move to a higher level, start with that idea. Everything opens up after that. I had been studying xingyiquan with Master Yang Fukui about a year and was stumbling my way through a very different approach than I had encountered in decades of taijiquan. Both are internal Chinese martial arts, but very different in so many ways. I had been doing a standing meditation posture called San Ti Shi pretty regularly, but to less than spectacular effect. San Ti Shi is the foundation… Read More