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The Kungfu of Nursing

The Retreat for Nurses is the brainstorm from Dr. Renee Rhodes, clinical psychologist/sculptor and featured myself and Dr. Nancy Reuben, physician/energy healer. Catherine Buchanon led the discussion groups. Readers of this site will remember another creation from Renee, the Gaia’s Lament art show in New London, Connecticut. The first Retreat for Nurses was held October 17 at Renee’s exquisite retreat center in Killingworth, CT. There will be more. Renee recognized the tremendous strain that nurses undergo on a daily basis and wanted to do something about it. They bring a high level of compassion, caring, and courage into a dangerous,… Read More

Killing Cancer Cells from Thousands of Miles Away

It is very difficult to get empirical confirmation of energy healing, particularly remote (distance) healing. Most of the evidence is anecdotal. When a result is noted, how much “would’ve happened anyway”? So when I run across any kind of lab experiment that shows a definitive result, I sit up and take notice. And this one is BIG! Why is it so rare to get “hard” evidence? One reason is money. Reliable testing is expensive. Nobody gets rich if you show that touching someone in a certain way brings about a dramatic improvement in their health and well-being. A new drug?… Read More

“Finding You” Book Tour Kicks off in Killingworth

Connecticut, that is. Renee Rhodes, sculptor and clinical psychologist, is the living embodiment of Finding You in a World of it. She meets EVERYONE! What an absolute joy! Check out her amazing sculptures. Renee lives on a heavily wooded 11 acres that abuts another thousand acres of state forest. It’s breathtaking. Her sculptures appear like fairies amidst the trees and rocks and streams. So Dr. Rhodes invited 40 or so colleagues and friends for a “Forest Summit” on the subject of healing, and asked Dr. Nancy Reuben and myself to address this group. But let’s let Renee tell the story:… Read More

TCA’s 20th, Part 2. Maria goes Hawaiian.

“Get out of your head and into the game.” Yes, that was our theme at TCA this year, and it really resonated with everyone. Easier said than done, though, right? It’s been an issue for us humans since we realized that we didn’t need to have a mastodon in the room to talk about it. Meditation has been used for eons to get you out of your head. You sit in stillness until the silt in the water settles to the bottom and you are left with a clear stream. Great stuff. And the more you practice it, the deeper… Read More

New! Finding You in a World of It by Rick Barrett

This is really exciting, people! You know that book I’ve been working on for a couple of years now?  Well…it’s is out and available on Amazon! I’ll get my first load of the little darlings by next weekend (Just in time for the sold out Dr. Renee Rhodes’ Forest Summit in Killingworth, CT next Saturday). If you want an autographed copy, you can order directly from me at info@rickbarrett.net ($20 includes postage.) Or get one on Amazon and I’ll sign it when next I see you.   finding You in a world of It is big. It breaks down the… Read More