What Just Happened? (A session with Rick Barrett, RPP)

“What just happened?” My clients are often at a loss to explain (to themselves and others) what exactly occurred in one of my sessions. Many experience a deep, profound healing and want to share that experience with others. But when they try to articulate what happened, words fail. What comes out sounds either too prosaic or too far out. Most don’t even try. My healing sessions don’t easily fit into conventional models. I don’t diagnose and I don’t treat health problems directly. I am not a doctor. I don’t prescribe. I don’t “heal” people either—at least not in the usual… Read More

Stress is Not Your Enemy

  In the photo to the right, the great funambulist Charles Blondin walks a 1,300 foot tightrope across Niagara Falls with his manager on his back. Another time, he carried a cookstove out over the  center of the Falls, built a fire, and proceeded to cook an omelet. He also crossed doing back flips and somersaults, walking backward, and with a sack over his head. Blondin thrived on stress. Stress is not your enemy. In fact, stress is essential for good health and a satisfying life. This is a message I have been championing for decades, despite the prevailing opinion of the… Read More