TCA 2018
September 21-23
Mago Gardens Retreat Center

$450 for a shared room
$550 for a private room
$100 non-refundable deposit to save your spot at this early price

You can pay through Paypal ( below or contact Rick via email if you need to mail a check.

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21st Annual Tai Chi Alchemy. Part 2

What an incredible weekend! We soared so high, it has taken me a couple of weeks to come down enough to write about it. So much of the really important stuff that happens at TCA is too insubstantial to put into words. Things like that blaze of light when a total stranger gives you a hug that melts you to the core of your being…or when you realize that qi is not just something that you read in a book, but is something you can feel and use…or when you find in yourself that person that you always hoped you… Read More

21st Annual Tai Chi Alchemy in Sedona. Part 1

The 21st Tai Chi Alchemy was held at Mago Garden in Sedona, Arizona September 18-20 and this one was epic, even by TCA standards. The theme this year was, “It all begins with Meeting,” and that set the tone for the most transformative TCA in memory. I went into last year’s gathering with some serious questions about where it was all going. Sure it was fun getting together with these amazing people once a year for twenty years to exchange love, hugs, and explorations in martial arts, energy medicine, energy cultivation, and consciousness research, but I wondered if it had… Read More

11th Annual Scholars Garden with Stephe, Maria, and Rick

It’s getting close! 11th Annual Scholars Garden, June 7th, 11am-5pm at Stephe Watson’s beautiful Someday Farm in Killingworth, CT. You will definitely want to register before May 15 for this one. (Contact either me –– or Stephe –– to register.)   What are we up to this year? Let’s here it from Stephe: Living in the Sweet Spot: Your Body and Wholeness Every living thing leaks energy. In the “sweet spot” not only do we leak less but we can also tap into the Big Qi and refuel. Every conscious posture has sweet spots hidden in plain sight. Maria, Stephen, &… Read More

Kirtan Rabbi Soars at CD Release Party

My good friend and fellow Alchemist Andrew Hahn, a.k.a. “The Kirtan Rabbi”, celebrated the release of his new CD “Non-Dual” with a killer show at the Integral Yoga Institute on 13th Street last night. He ditched his trusty harmonium for the performance (and the CD) in favor of an intoxicating guitar-based sound that alternated between quiet meditation and exuberant celebration. The new form gives wings to Andrew’s irrepressible passion and exhilaration. Kirtan is explained on The Kirtan Rabbi website: Kirtan (also known as Bhajan) is a form of chant developed in India to heighten participation, communal feeling and ecstatic communion with the… Read More

It was a very good year…

2014: A Year to Remember I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and that the year to come will be filled with love, light, and just the right amount of challenges faced and overcome to keep you playing the game with joy and curiosity. 2014 was just such a year for me. Please allow me to share a few of the highlights with you. 25 Years as a Taijiquan Teacher This is a biggie. In 1989 I got a phone call from my teacher, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, asking me to teach a class at the Y… Read More