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Polarity has a unique effect on everyone. Here are some examples of what to expect.

From Abdi Assadi, accupunturist super star:

Rick Barrett has been a martial arts brother of mine for over twenty five years. In these decades we have had the good fortune of studying with some of the most accomplished teachers of external and internal arts. Some were true artists, some true fighters. In the department of internal arts none managed to translate their full skills into an easily translated, digested and integrated teaching. Rick, being a true alchemist, has managed to decipher this black magic term into a methodical and easily absorbed system. His dismantling of the true physics of internal martial arts has managed to show me things that have eluded me in thirty five years of study.

The true leap from Newtonian mechanics into Quantum application and magic as promised by internal artists is effortlessly accessed. Most importantly, love is the paradigm through which one is bathed in his transmission of this ancient art form. Empty your cup and take a drink of your true nature while learning to be truly embodied. And need be, kick some effort less butt with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

These are some lovely words from Ted Horowitz, aka Popa Chubby:

Brother Rick,

Thanks again for your love, generosity, encouragement and wisdom.
Thanks also for playing a key role in my transformation.
A few thoughts for you.

My name is Ted Horowitz. I am a guitarist who plays by the name Popa
Chubby. Rick Barrett was introduced to me by our dear friend and
Brother Abdi Assadi. I had studied Tai Chi in one form or another for
near 15 years but still had no center, focus or benefit from my
practice. On the contrary at 50 years old I was decaying and breaking
down. I was riddled with arthritis, suffering from chronic disc
degeneration and over all poor health.
I met Rick for the first time and was immediately put at ease by his
non judgmental and encouraging attitude. In our first lesson he showed
me how to drop into a state of energetic coherence and in a moment my
world changed for ever. With a simple posture that was easy to attain
even in my state of physical despair I touched something I had yearned
for my whole life. A connection to the now a taste of unlimited energy.
I can still here Rick’s laugh and excitement as he watched me light up.
Through months of study and work I have been able to free myself of
pain and all pain medication. I have lost weight, improved my
conditioning, improved my mental focus and am happier and healthier
than I have ever been.
A big part of my rejuvination has been the Amarita workout. A simple
plan devised by Rick that is easy to do, takes little time, no
equiptment and yields tremendous benefit. Quite simply in my humble
opinion this is the restorative and rejuvinating workout for everyone.

It can be done is as little as 10 minutes
There is no level of fitness required to do it.
There is no equptment necessary
There are no difficult assanas like in Yoga
You will feel INSTANTLY better.
You will experience mental clarity

And a story from long-time client Linda Addison:

“In 1995 I had just finished a divorce that ended a sixteen-year marriage and began to have headaches. They started a few times a week and worked up to daily until the headache was with me 24/7, interfering with my work, sleep and everyday life. The pain radiated down my neck and often made me nauseated. When over the counter pain relievers stopped working I went to doctors to find out the source. I had every part of me checked: my teeth (turned out I grind my teeth, but getting a mouth piece for sleeping didn’t stop the headaches), my spine and head were x-rayed (no tumors, or misaligned spine, etc.). I was given complicated stretches to do that didn’t stop the pain. And finally muscle relaxants, which made me sleepy, gain weight and gave me maybe an hour of numbness every four hours.

There were times when I lay in the bed and cried. Finally one day I was taking a writing workshop and talked about the constant headache. One of the other students said that she knew someone who had helped her with migraines and if I was willing to try something different she would give me his phone number. At that point I would have tried anything for relief. She gave me Rick’s phone number and, although I didn’t know what to expect when I made the appointment, I was open.

I stopped all my medication for twenty-four hours before meeting with Rick because I wanted to be able to really see if there was an improvement. By the time I met with him I was dizzy with pain. We talked about what I had been tested for, what medication I was taking, and the fact that the headache started after my divorce. I told him I just wanted to have some time without the pain. I had lived with it so long I didn’t remember what having no pain was like. Rick smiled and said that together we would get to that and more. I lay on a massage table, fully clothed.

It’s not easy to describe the experience, but Rick was very gentle and after an hour 80% of the pain was gone! It was like a miracle to have relief and not be on medication. He introduced me to meditating every day at home. I saw Rick every other week and we got to the point where the constant headache was gone, and I was sleeping at night. I would have an occasional headache, but nothing as intense as what I had lived with before.

I can say since then that being balanced and meditating has permitted me to enjoy life more. I still do sessions with Rick because it allows me to feel more balanced and happy. I’ve written three poetry collections that returned good reviews and won awards. I can’t scientifically explain how not being in pain and having my energy balanced lead to the books and awards, but I believe there is a clear connection.