Tao of Buberville

Human life itself is the bearer and reality of all transcendence. Tao, ‘the way,’ is unity in change and transformation, and the perfect revelation of Tao is the man who combines the greatest change with the purest unity. Though Tao is the path, order, and unity of everything, it exists in things only potentially until it becomes living and manifest through its contact with the conscious being of the united man. Tao appears in men as the uniting force that overcomes all deviation from the ground of life, as the completing force that heals all that is sundered and broken.… Read More

Instant Meditation

Meditation is such a powerful tool for personal development and spiritual insight, yet many of us give up before we even get started. I wrote about this in Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate (See “The Problem With Meditation“). Here are a few more thoughts on the subject. Our nervous systems develop by pushing against stuff and gauging the resistance encountered. All experience comes from gathering sense impressions of the objects we encounter and weaving a story about them. “The couch I’m sitting on is brown leather which is similar to that chair, but longer. I remember when I bought it… Read More