Killing Cancer Cells from Thousands of Miles Away

It is very difficult to get empirical confirmation of energy healing, particularly remote (distance) healing. Most of the evidence is anecdotal. When a result is noted, how much “would’ve happened anyway”? So when I run across any kind of lab experiment that shows a definitive result, I sit up and take notice. And this one is BIG! Why is it so rare to get “hard” evidence? One reason is money. Reliable testing is expensive. Nobody gets rich if you show that touching someone in a certain way brings about a dramatic improvement in their health and well-being. A new drug?… Read More


The mind and body have an absolute ruler, and that is principle (li); ching, ch’i, and spirit have an absolute ruler, and that is sincerity. Sincerity is the way of heaven, and he who is sincere follows the way of humanity. Both of these are inextricably bound up with consciousness. If you understand the principle of the unity of heaven and humanity, you will naturally absorb the circulating ch’i of sun and moon. This ch’i is the circulation of consciousness, for spirit is naturally concealed within principle. Finally, we can speak of the martial and the spiritual, sagehood and immortality.… Read More

Gongfu: Thinking, Feeling, Being

Gongfu is doing something diligently over time. A gongfu involves time because true learning is not just adopting a new set of beliefs. It reaches down to the cellular level, and re-writes the operating code of your body-mind. It takes time to implement structural changes in the body-mind. At its simplest, gongfu is Thinking to Feeling to Being. (Joe Dispenza talks about this triad in his delightful book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One. Highly recommended.) Again, this is breaking it down very simply to focus on how we integrate… Read More

Tao of Buberville

Human life itself is the bearer and reality of all transcendence. Tao, ‘the way,’ is unity in change and transformation, and the perfect revelation of Tao is the man who combines the greatest change with the purest unity. Though Tao is the path, order, and unity of everything, it exists in things only potentially until it becomes living and manifest through its contact with the conscious being of the united man. Tao appears in men as the uniting force that overcomes all deviation from the ground of life, as the completing force that heals all that is sundered and broken.… Read More

Moving as One

Whenever one moves, the entire body must be light and lively, and must above all be connected throughout.  Taijiquan Jing (attributed to Zhang San Fang, translated by Barbara Davis) One of the most important elements of taijiquan is that the whole body must “move as one.” Hidden within this simple directive lies a paradox: the more we think about doing just that, the less likely it will happen. Let me be clear about what I’m saying because it can save you a lot of grief. Good gongfu in anything requires enough familiarity with the actions of the practice (in this… Read More