Baguazhang for the Ages

I just started teaching baguazhang (pa kua) basics at my 6:30 Wednesday class in Staten Island and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m fairly late to the bagua party, having just started my practice in my 60s, but I’m appreciative of the unique qualities it brings to my practice. Its spiraling movements and energies are similar to some of the luoxuanzhang that I have have practiced for 10 years or so, but luoxuanzhang is a hybrid (bagua, xingyi, taiji, and yiquan) and bagua is its own thing. Baguazhang derives its name from the “Eight Trigrams” of the Daoist classic, Yijing… Read More

Luoxuanzhang: “Spiral Mystery Palm”

Luoxuanzhang is the martial arts equivalent of eating braised short ribs: you can’t believe all that flavor is packed into such a small package. It is astounding how much energy is unleashed in a few movements. When Master Yang Fukui first showed it to me I was dazzled. What was happening? The movements were exquisite and dynamic and…strange. They didn’t seem to follow the rules I had then accepted as fundamental. How could such power be manifested while violating so many of the hoary “truths” I held as gospel? I had to know more. And what I have found so… Read More

Seminars and eBook Release

Lots going on right now. Here are a few highlights: Tai Chi Alchemy XVII in Sedona, Arizona. There is still room, but you have to act fast! It begins next Friday, Sept 16 runs through Sunday afternoon. $450 covers the seminars as well as room and food. We’ve got a great group coming. Just let me know you’re coming and pay at the door. Love or Fear Seminar at NY Open Center. It is an honor to be asked to return to the prestigious New York Open Center in midtown Manhattan. Saturday, October 22 10 am-1pm. This is the foundation… Read More