It’s a Good Day to Die

Faolan left us recently. Fifteen years is a nice run for a dog that size. Arthritis made climbing stairs a real chore for him, and took a lot of the joy out of the things he liked to do. But even up to the day before he passed, he made the climb to soak up some spring sun in the backyard. He would still eagerly greet you at the door, tail wagging vigorously. And would eagerly devour roasted butternut squash with the manic intensity of a four year old eating ice cream. For the last month or so, he would… Read More

Coherence and Resonance

Coherence and resonance are two related terms that sometimes are confused. Coherence refers to the degree of unity within a particular system, like a car or a human body. How much wholeness is present? Resonance is the degree that one system vibrates with another. Do they cooperate or fight? Both are terms that are helpful in describing whether things are coming together or splitting apart. Any living creature can be said to be coherent just because it is alive. It has wholeness, existence as itself. None have absolute coherence. They are more or less coherent moment-by-moment. When highly coherent there… Read More

Parkinson’s Disease and Taijiquan

Did you catch the NPR report about Parkinson’s Disease and taijiquan? It’s also in the New England Journal of Medicine. There was a substantial reduction in rate of falls in the taiji group (one hour, twice weekly, six months). UCLA brain scientist Dr. Michael Irwin thinks that the practice of taijiquan re-trains the areas of the brain that control movement. While this is hardly new ground for most of us in the body/mind/spirit integration network, it is always good to hear when the scientific community tests it out and confirms our experience. For many reasons, integrative activities like taijiquan don’t… Read More